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Family & Friends



Spending time with friends and family will have everyone chatting about the best memories you have all shared together. Not only does great food bring people together for them to bond, it helps create an atmosphere that allows sharing and a feeling of being loved. Here at Wafflooos, from when you order right until you walk away, you will be sure to feel this way. You, your family and your friends will leave with a full stomach and happy hearts. 

Virender Valentines.jpg
Virender Valentines.jpg


On our menu, you will be able to find anything and everything that you loved ones are craving. We have the perfect chocolate and candy covered waffles for the sweet tooths of the family, which will pair best with the milkshakes. For the savoury lovers, we have a great chicken and waffles combo with a great sweet pop to balance it out. The ones who do not have a love for waffles are not forgotten either, we have fantastic and filling paninis for them. Pair the panini with a hot chocolate and it is a perfect meal. 

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