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Our Story


Waffloos is a Canadian-originated business with an authentic taste of Belgium. Owned and operated by brother and sister Harjinder and Harpreet who share decent and a humorous bond which made them believe in starting a business together that showcases' their creativity, knowledge and passion for authentic Belgium food and taste.
The story began in 2020  when the owners fell in love with the idea of having a chain of fresh baked Belgium waffles made from scratch for each customer.  Harpreet and Harjinder brought this idea to life when they opened their first location in Chinook Mall, in Calgary in 2021.
Waffloos is a Belgium style fast food restaurant that offers a wide variety of waffles, paninis and hot chocolate with the taste of Belgium street food. All of the authentic taste is created and mastered by chef Harpreet who has 20 years of experience in the food industry. She collaborates with her brother, Harjinder who is a guru of creativity in addition to being an expert in project management and is a software engineer.  
From day one, Waffloos has prioritized quality, warmth and connection.  Waffloos can not wait to continue to grow and serve it's wonderful costumers. 
Waffloos isn't just about the waffles- it's about the people. 

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