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12 Flavors for 12 months

Just to keep you flavorful 



          12 Flavor's 

            Sweet message from all the flavors. 

  1. Heavenly Binge - It's Jan, and every bite should feel like joys and pleasure and give you the hopes and courage to have a fresh start of the New Year.

  2. Foggy Banaan - Hello Feb, Life gets crazy; you don't have to be, let me ease you.

  3. Choco Obsession - It's March and I'm already obsessed with you! 

  4. Chunky Hot Chocolate- Oh April, let me keep up with the trend!

  5.  Bacon Insanity -  Hello May, Let me enjoy you with the melting snow!

  6. Banaan Fraise - Hello Hot June, I'm king and queen of all the flavors!

  7. Choco Mellow- It's July and I think I started believing in one sided love! 

  8. Naughty Oreo-  Its August, calling out Leo's & Virgo's, hype is real! 

  9. Rocher Temptation - Hey September, Be bold like me! 

  10. Bacon Monster - Trick or Treat, please treat yourself with me, Happy Halloween!

  11. Chicken Waffle - Hello Nov, need good vibes and you!

  12. Kinder Unicorn- Spoiling Alert!!! It's Christmas time and treat yourself with some fun!

   Happy place! Yes, I exist & you could find me in Edmonton!


  Try Me! Once you have me you can't  forget me. 


 Forever Love! You will deny to share with others, I'm that yummy. 

Waffloo's September 2021-6.jpg

Having countless talks with your loved one's, creating sweet memories by indulging yourself with a variety of sweet and fresh waffles and yes that’s how we wish all your months to be spent. 
Waffles, Coffee and talks that's the new norm!


So which  month are you going to celebrate with us?

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